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Porte, thank you so much for giving me the confidence to apply to schools I thought I wouldn’t (but did) get accepted into, and believing in me. Thank you for planting the idea in my head that I have something to offer to others, and thank you for strengthening my voice and my confidence in my writing. Your endless hard work and sacrifice does not go unnoticed!

~ Redmond High School Student

Thank you for your outlines and suggestions. I am relieved to be your client and see it to be worth every penny! I feel on the right track with manageable tasks to support Sandy in this process.

~ Bend High School Parent

Thanks so much for helping me in this process. My mom and I really appreciate the difference it made, not only with completing the applications and decisions, but with my confidence in making decisions. I would advise anyone applying to college and making college decisions to see you!

~ Summit High School Student