At Lewy College Consulting I work with students in every stage of the college planning process, often beginning sophomore year of high school.

It is beneficial to meet students and families early on in high school so that we can build a relationship, and I can offer input on high school course selection and extracurriculars, but we can successfully work together starting at any time.

I begin with a personal review and assessment of each student, leading to the identification of appropriate college options, and finally overseeing the application process. My services include a junior/senior comprehensive package, a junior/senior block package and an hourly rate for freshman and sophomores. Plus, an hourly rate for seniors with specific needs, on a limited, space-available basis.

Offerings include but are not limited to:

Provide personal and professional knowledge about colleges and college admissions.

Administer personality and career assessments to understand and develop college goals.

Present a timeline of the college search and application process.

Consult on high school curriculum planning and extracurricular/summer directions.

Develop a plan and timeline for standardized tests.

Introduce resources and research methods to evaluate schools and explore careers and college majors.

Prepare an exploratory college list tailored to the individual student.

Organize the application process and support students in meeting deadlines.

Consult on campus visits, interviews and admissions options, such as early decision, early action, etc.

Provide effective essay writing strategies, review and feedback.

Present an overview of the financial aid process and assist in identifying scholarship opportunities.

Review admissions offers and financial aid packages; assist in making a final decision.

Freshmen & Sophomores

Discover what steps to take throughout high school to support college goals. Begin planning with intention. We meet once or twice a year and discuss the benefits of a college education, your dreams and goals, college options, high school curriculum, standardized tests and extracurricular and summer activities. I will also present a timeline of the college planning process that includes specific grade-level tasks and provide an overview of the financial aid process.


This critical year is a time of self-discovery, exploring options and gathering information. We begin with a conversation that informs students on the different types of colleges and universities available and the myriad of ways one can learn. We then clarify college goals and research strong fit schools, eventually landing on a well-rounded application list. We also discuss test prep, college visits, forecasting and financial aid, as well as prepare for the application process.


Ready, set, go.

It’s time for applications and essay writing! The number of sessions will vary for each student, depending on your college list, personal initiative, and your ability to get tasks done in between sessions. We will evaluate and finalize college lists, re-visit standardized tests if necessary, create a timeline and action plan for applications, and further discuss and organize financial aid and scholarship requirements.